Calls & Sms made simple

Callright offers an enhanced user interface to make phone calls, messages and facetime calls in a simple and fast way!
Put it on the dock and replace the standard Phone application!
It will save you a lot of time!

Favourite Contacts with Pictures

Create your list of favorite contacts: add as many as you want!
You can call, send sms (included WhatsApp), make FaceTime just by touching the pictures:
Tap once = phone call
Tap twice= send sms (WhatsApp supported)
Tap 3 times = FaceTime
Tap 4 times = FaceTime Audio
…and you can change the settings as you prefer!

What what? No picture of your friends in the address book?
No problem: CallRight can find them for you on Facebook!

Recent Calls

The list of recent calls is available in a nice graphical layout, and… it is large enough for the fingers!!
Also here you can use touches to call, FaceTime or send sms.

Access to AddressBook

You can access the full AddressBook from inside the app.
Addressbook has a new design and:
- it’s larger and easier to click
- it’s nicer to see
- supports multi touches (like favorites)
- can take missing contact pictures from Facebook
- excludes contacts with no phone number (reducing duplicates)

Numeric Keypad

Well…not so much to say here!
You need to call someone that’s not in your AddressBook?
You can call it straight from CallRight using the embedded keypad!
…what did you need the standard Phone app for? :-)

Appearance fully customizable

CallRight can change look to your flavour!
- Favourites icons appearance is fully customizable in shape, size, border, color
- Decide how many icons in one screen: few big ones, or many but smaller
- Choose your background from a list or set a picture from Camera Roll
- Select the font you prefer